Enforcement of legal and regulatory requirements and the need to protect against leaks of confidential information lead companies to set up systems for end-to-end control and traceability of access to the information system. To answer the questions: who did what, on behalf of whom, on which desktop, when?

Hpliance facilitates implementing internal controls of access history and actions performed by users, by providing dashboards that are configurable and searchable by users’ profiles and authorizations.

Control and audit of access to IS resources

  • Collect, analyze and summarize access to resources and administrative actions
  • Reports on authentication failures, password changes, etc.
  • Reports on violations of resource access rules.

Audit and control of user rights

  • Audit of rights assignment and breakdown by application, structure, job, position within hierarchy, etc.
  • Management of the lifecycle of individuals’ digital identities: arrival, transfer, departure, duplicates, etc.
  • Reports on changes made to the definition of rights and administrative user rights
  • Rights model quality and relevance check
  • Audit of non-conformities: verification of the balance between theoretical rights and actual rights, etc.
  • Traceability of all actions performed by administrators and delegated administrators.