The growing number of computer applications, whether they are hosted within the company or delivered as SaaS, increases complexity for users, the risk of leaks of confidential information and the workload for tech support.

To address these challenges, Avencis has developed a complete line of software solutions to control access to companies’ sensitive data and applications:

  • Single Sign On: users use one single password to access all information system applications and resources.
  • Strong authentication: Single Sign On can be combined with enhanced means to verify the user’s identity (such as smart cards, badges, USB tokens and biometrics).
  • Card and token management system: streamlines and reduces the cost of managing cards’ lifecycle, and more generally, any type of cryptographic means of authentication.
  • Identity and user rights management: decreases complexity and reduces the risk of errors related to managing the lifecycle of user accounts and their rights.
  • Access traceability: gives a clear and immediate answer for those responsible for auditing and controlling the IS (who did what, on behalf of whom, on what desktop and when?).

All these modules come with a self-troubleshooting tool that gives users the independence to unlock a situation (such as a forgotten password or lost card) without violating the company’s security rules.