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Avencis Transforms Mobile Devices into Single Authenticator

Avencis adds a new module to its Single Sign-On solution, SSOX. Named ‘‘SSOX Mobile’’, this new – patented – feature transforms smartphones and tablets into strong authentication means to access corporate information systems.

Secure Access to Information Systems from Mobile Devices

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a way to make it possible for users to securely access different applications and resources of company’s information system by authenticating only once. With its new ‘‘SSOX Mobile’’ module Avencis extends the SSO capabilities to smartphones and tablets: any mobile device becomes a safe means of access, always available, to access the corporate information system. SSOX Mobile works for authentication and self-service, in connected and disconnected mode from the corporate network. It is available on Android and iOS platforms, and Windows Phone and Blackberry OS soon.

Dynamic Password Generation

Dynamic, non replayable passwords (OTP, One Time Passwords), are generated automatically and transparently, for secure access to corporate resources from mobile devices.
The SSOX OTP technology is available separately for secure remote access via third-party solutions such as VPN based on the RADIUS protocole (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service). In this use case, it allows companies to leverage existing infrastructure while streamlining the management of their facilities.

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