For companies in the manufacturing and services industries, protecting intellectual property assets and customer data is one of the key ways to strengthen or maintain their competitiveness and strategic advantage.

This requires implementing information system access control and traceability systems – to avoid information leaks – that are tailored to various types of users: employees, of course, but also sub-contractors, external service providers and partners with whom these companies work.

Avencis’s access, identity and role management solutions can make these company’s assets more secure while increasing employees’ productivity and improving their working conditions.

Increasing security

  • Single Sign On: users no longer have to remember secondary passwords, so these passwords can be strengthened (minimum length, complexity, change frequency, etc.).
  • Strong authentication: Single Sign On can be combined with user identification by smart card, badge, biometric fingerprint, token or other means.
  • Flexibility and openness: Avencis solutions are compatible with major commercial strong authentication technologies (including smart cards, badges, USB tokens and biometrics). Moreover, companies can combine logical and physical access control.
  • Audit and traceability: keeping a log of users’ access and changes made to user rights to identify violations of internal security rules.

Increasing employees’ productivity

Avencis solutions are user-friendly and help improve working conditions as well as users’ productivity.

  • Single Sign On (SSO): users access applications faster because they have to remember only a single password.
  • Delegation: users can delegate, if it is authorized, some of their application accounts to other users. An administrator can also activate delegation of application access instead of a user.
  • Self-service: enables users to change (or reset) their primary password, to unlock their account or means of authentication (smart card for example), etc., on their own.

Decrease in helpdesk costs

Setting up an SSO solution decreases the workload for technical support:

  • Fewer calls to tech support for forgotten passwords
  • Automate password changes
  • Intelligent recovery of failed connections
  • Delegation of rights: create/modify individuals who can be delegated as non-IT specialist administrators via a simple and user-friendly interface.