Health care facilities face the following challenges: allowing their medical and administrative teams to quickly access the Hospital Information System (HIS), while protecting the confidentiality of patients’ data.

Avencis’s Single Sign On, strong authentication and access control solutions address these challenges. They help increase productivity and user-friendliness, while providing end-to-end traceability of actions. Their easy implementation and utilization guarantee the success of security policy enforcement projects at hospitals.

Simplified and secure access to patient’s medical records

By centralizing and automating the management of passwords to access various computer resources, SSOX facilitates access to the HIS while increasing data security:

  • A single password: so that health care professionals do not have to memorize IDs and passwords for each HIS application.
  • Shared desktops: fast and secure identification to allow fast switches between users on the same desktop, without users having to re-enter their password every time.
  • Automatic logoff: to protect data confidentiality on desktops shared by several physicians and/or on unmonitored desktops in an area open to the public.
  • Roaming desktop: when on the move, users access their workspace as they left it on the previous desktop.

Data confidentiality

Hpliance provides an immediate and comprehensive response for the three main requirements of data protection laws (HIPAA, UK Data Protection Act 1998…), that is:

  • Establishing a database for all health care employees (personal medical information) and management of their rights and user rights in HIS applications.
  • Establishing strong authentication using certificates embedded either on the multi-service facility card or on the health professional card.
  • End-to-end traceability of HIS access.

Continuity of service

  • Controlled self-troubleshooting: users can reset their password or unlock their account, without having to contact technical support.
  • Management of emergencies or special situations: Hpliance offers the flexibility needed to implement emergency response plans and emergency override mode.